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 Boost Mental Clarity
 Increase Stress Resistance
 Improve Multitasking Ability
 Eliminate Brain Fog

A daily supplement designed to sharpen the mind and maximize productivity by reducing stress and countering the physical and mental effects of chronically high cortisol – the stress hormone.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try our product for 30 days and if you’re not completely satisfied with the results, we’ll refund your money – no questions asked. 

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Key ingredients that make MultiFocus work:

MultiFocus contains four potent adaptogenic herbs to help control stress and fight mental & physical fatigue to improve focus, mental clarity, and your ability to multitask. 

  • KSM-66 Ashwagandha – Increases stress resistance and reduces chronically high cortisol
  • Astragalus – Repairs damage from stress and promotes anti-aging compounds in the body
  • Holy Basil – Boosts immune function and reduces the symptoms of anxiety
  • Rhodiola Rosea – Improves mental clarity and cognition by reducing mental and physical fatigue

The LIFE difference

LIFE products are created based on the principles of quality, purity, and transparency surrounding sourcing and manufacturing. We extensively research each ingredient to ensure safety, efficacy, and quality. All four herbs in MultiFocus were diligently researched and sourced to elicit the maximal beneficial effect without any filler ingredients. 

As with the ingredients of any consumable, quality can significantly vary based on source location, type, and brand. Our mission is to exclusively utilize top-tier ingredients to ensure top quality products. There are no shortcuts. 

When it comes to supplements – we want you to ask questions. Just as we’ve done our due diligence, we challenge you to do the same. Read more at


Take 2 capsules one daily with food. Do not exceed more than 4 capsules in a 24 hour period.

Additional information

Weight .15 lbs


My 'ON' switch

This has become my ‘on’ switch lately and I’m happy to say Life Pure Recovery nailed this one. It’s not a stimulant, but I can just say that I’m ‘on’ until it’s time to go to bed. That includes skating a mile to the train station at 6am, a full day of managing clients, a workout in the pm, and going out for drinks after. Definitely worth checking out in my opinion.

Clear headed historian

I have been searching for a product that helps me feel uplifted, energetic, and clear-minded and I believe that Multi-Focus is the product I have been looking for. Traditional stimulants like coffee and energy drinks made me feel too wired and unable to focus during a long day. Multi-Focus allows me to be my best self without worrying about the fallout if I need to be on top of a project.

Multitasking is my job

As a professional Dota 2 play-by-play commentator, success for me is analyzing ten things in real-time while staying a step ahead of what will happen next. MultiFocus allows me to always be ‘on’ when I need to have the best cast of my life.

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